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Don't the rigorousness of schooling just take your breath away, and the tedious rituals - over and over again - punch a hole in you? It surely made me depressed. When people say that bright people often grow bored, it's often because of this difference in speed; you're done in seconds, and spend the rest of the time idle, looking out the window. Perhaps you become the class clown, depending of course on your personality. When I entered university I crashed because I didn't knew how to study.

It took a while before I adjusted, but the way of life was great compared to the lower levels. Heidi will most likely excel in academia - if handled with care - because there is a strong correlation between scholarly achievement and IQ. But genius however is a long, lonesome and sweaty adventure. Why do people think that genius is a premiss for the last brick in the Maslow pyramide anyway? Often times in society we are too loose with so many words. Genius just being one of the many. While I do feel that you can tell if a child will be advanced or gifted at a young age; being a genius is something that you only notice after time.

I believe it comes with maturity and age. Saying that, eventually an advanced or gifted child could turn into a genius but how will we know so early on without letting them show their skills. There is no doubt that the little girl in question is extremely bright academically. She most certainly has an above average reading score, but she may not be average with other things like her social skills etc.

Only time will tell and I wish her all the best. Especially with all this attention on her. A new gene was discovered that is highly sensitive to supportive conditions. The brain can't engage social and mechanical reasoning at the same time.

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Just because a label has been lifted doesn't make it disappear. Back Psychology Today. Back Find a Therapist. Back Get Help. Back Magazine. Subscribe Issue Archive. Back Today. How We Affect Each Other. Scott Barry Kaufman Beautiful Minds. Follow me on Twitter. Friend me on Faceook. Can 'Genius' Be Detected in Infancy? Don't ignore her gifts! Submitted by SevenSigma on April 16, - am. Something strange happens Submitted by Bronq on April 16, - pm. More filters. Sort order. Mar 25, Bruno Goncalves rated it it was ok.

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I am at odds with myself, having not yet decided whether to be amused or angry at this book. A little bit of both, maybe. Negative points: First of all, the authors remind us every few pages, and at the beginning of many chapters, of their works of fiction. This book has clearly been written for a layperson, but this does not entitle the authors to abstain from posting exhaustive references to original works.

This happened too many times for me to let slide. Chapter 10 really irked me. Even the contributing scientist Takaaki Musha declared that his paper was merely a hypothetical study. This is sparsely-explored speculation and most definitely, by itself, does not offer us instructions on how to increase our intelligence. This is a most definitely a pseudoscience. Transcranial Direct-Current Stimulation and Transcranial Magnetic stimulation are much better established and MAY be an effective means of improving concentration and performance.

Genius-making techniques? These skim over the possibility of using sensory deprivation techniques and an appropriate diet to boost intelligence.

Foundations of Genius: What is Right Brain Education? (Part 2)

However, only a few clues are offered as to how this might be done. Anyone wishing for an in-depth look, or on how best to use yoga for stimulating their intelligence Chapter 15 , had better search for specialized books with a higher word-count. One is apparently expected to do further reading. A check-list would have sufficed. In all, I do not recommend this book for anyone wishing to enhance themselves, the only reason I give it two stars is because many chapters happened to focus on arguably legitimate techniques.

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I consider chapter 10 to hold far-fetched speculation. I consider chapter 11 to advocate poisoning oneself. Go read a book. Maybe not this one.

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Disclaimer: I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest and non-reciprocal review. View all 3 comments. Jun 15, Jennifer Siddiqui rated it it was amazing. I read this book in one day,and wished the book was longer.

38 Genius Habits Your 80-Year-Old Brain Will Thank You for Doing Today

Reading Genius Intelligence opened my eyes to how much potential people have but never use. Many famous people have used techniques, nutritional supplements, and healthy food choices that the general public are unaware of to achieve great accomplishments. I also liked how the authors had pictures throughout the book showing visually what they were explaining to the reader.

View 1 comment. I like this book because its short as opposed to this review , simply and clearly written, and addresses an engrossing subject. Throughout the book the authors refer to their thriller series, The Orphan Trilogy, in which the lead character, Nine, and the other orphans are trained to have genius intelligence. There are chapters on speed-reading, brainwave entrainment, brain gland activation, polyglots and savants, virtual reality, superluminal particles, Ormus, sensory deprivation, the high-IQ diet, smart drugs, etc, etc.

The authors state that a common goal in most brainwave entrainment technologies is hemispheric synchronization. Holosync forms new neural pathways in the brain and gradually develops and heals us both mentally and emotionally. Holosync leads to transformation of the personality as a whole. We learn self-reflective observation, where we watch our consciousness. The book under review deals of course with genius intelligence and not enlightenment, so please excuse my digression.

In this connection, I would refer to Dr.

Mentioned in the book are the famous tennis champions Venus and Serena Williams, who were trained by their father, Richard, from an early age with the explicit aim of making them tennis geniuses. This measures the time to maintain the quantum coherence between particles. The relevance of all this is that Dr. Musha believes that decoherence time can be extended by mental training, whereby abilities like photographic memory and polymathing could result. I admit I found the chapter on superluminal particles quite challenging.

An important chapter is that on Ormus, aka Orme or White Gold. Ormus is said to correct errors in the DNA and activate junk DNA which is not junk at all, of course, in fact the opposite.