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Publication date October 13, Language English. Product Dimensions 5. Shipping Weight 1. Book length ISBN X. ISBN Best Sellers Rank The leading one-stop reference for commercial vegetable growers for more than 50 years Rooted in tradition, branching out to the future. For more than half a century, has provided generations of commercial growers with the most timely, accessible, and useful information available on the subject.

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Now available in a new flexible cover designed for ease of use on the desk or in the field, this valuable workhorse features new information on: is an internationally recognized authority on vegetables. View more. Customer care.

Knott's Handbook for Vegetable Growers, 5th Edition

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Phone number:. Check Close. Package price in Cambodia. Price after tax in US. Starting Seeds Indoors 19 Feb Seeds germinate easily with a little help by providing the proper growing media, container, water, temperature, and light.

Knotts handbook for vegetable growers

It should be fine in texture but most of all it should be sterile. A little goes a long way. Avoid breathing in this light and airy peat.

Most of these have not been approved for organic growing. I use a lot of recycled materials that have been disinfected in a solution of 1 tablespoon of bleach to 1 gallon of water.

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  7. Plastic egg cartons, plastic veggie containers and some of the oven or microwave containers work well. They only serve as a vessel to hold the growing media, seeds, and water for a short time. Make sure they have drainage holes. I use a 20 row seeder when I am sowing a lot.

    These individual rows provide dividers when I want to sow several different seeds and it only takes up the space of a flat. The growing media needs to be kept moist. I water from the bottom of the drip tray the tray underneath the container and allow the water to soak up.

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    You can use a clear plastic dome that will increase humidity and prevent from drying out as quickly, or regular plastic wrap works well, but is a pain putting it on and off. The soil temperature is more important that the air temperature. Each seed has an optimum temperature for germination. Maynard and George J. Odds are, in your home, if the temperatures are 70 degrees, the soil media in your little germination trays will be 70 degrees.