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Gandhi, Mohandas Karamchand

Gandhi defined satya truth and ahimsa non-violence as positivistic and absolutist respectively. But in the practice of ahimsa, a mystical force of non-violence is presumed to be experienced as ultimate truth that can bring about a change of heart in the opponent. In other words, his practice of truth or transparent right conduct acquires the mystical power of saving oneself and others. This is the medieval Vaishnava practice where surrender through right conduct "saves" the devotee.

But as a political doctrine this approach did not always deliver the change of heart in the opponent. Thus, we observe Gandhi's disappointing engagement not only with Muslims, Christians, the British and the communists, but also with many Hindus too.

Mahatma Gandhi

Lelyveld's book, with a very small dose of titillating material about the Great Soul, therefore elicits howls of protests from those who have ensconced him among the pantheon of Hindu mythic figures. Unless we understand why Gandhi evoked mixed feelings, we will continue to deify him or lock away his many aberrations in the Indian family closet.

Topics Mahatma Gandhi Cif belief. India Hinduism Religion Biography books Censorship comment. Reuse this content. Order by newest oldest recommendations. By the time we put down this deeply resonant, even sonorous book, we can only begin to appreciate how difficult it must have been for Gandhi to live out his character, his persona and his destiny. The most effective Gandhi biography thus far.

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Sobering but moving. Taking up a story already portrayed in countless books and films, Lelyveld constructs a fresh narrative. A seamless, impartial account. Lelyveld succeeds in painting Gandhi the spiritual leader as remarkably human. George Orwell famously said that Gandhi might well be a saint, but all saints should be judged guilty until proven innocent. Joseph Lelyveld, on the other hand, insists upon Gandhi's humanity, with all the complexities and contradictions of human nature, which makes his greatness more understandable and more remarkable.

Elegantly written, clear-eyed, and bracingly original, this is a magnificent biography of Gandhi's conscience. This book is a brilliant and glittering match, brimming with—well, soul. Kristof, coauthor, Half the Sky. A marvelous book.

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  • Gandhi: His Life and Message for the World.

Readers will not put down this book having gleaned a full knowledge of all that Gandhi accomplished. But they will definitely possess a deeper understanding of the complex human being behind those accomplishments. He succeeds in leaving us with a fuller picture of Gandhi as a leader and a man. An impassioned, carefully executed work of reseach. Highly recommended. The Den opens at 8 a.

Early Life

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By Joseph Lelyveld. Both Gandhi and Manu may have wanted to go through this experiment, or ordeal. To be sure, there was a certain amount of imposition — from his side.

A Different Gandhi

That caveat is important, for, as Guha allows, there was an enormous power differential between Gandhi and Manu. In the wake of MeToo, we know that the powerful may delude themselves about the willingness of those they manipulate, and that their less powerful victims may go along with things they do not want because they are overwhelmed by the status of their abuser.

At least one, the stenographer R. Gandhi posed a huge challenge to his world in his time, and still does. Gandhi spoke for himself more than most people in history, but even the most controlling people cannot control how history sees them. Guha lets Gandhi appear on his own terms, and allows him to reveal himself in all his contradictions. To live with the saints in heaven Is a bliss and a glory But to live with a saint on earth Is a different story. All in the Family. Cradle of Civil Disobedience.

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