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Afternoon thunderstorms, with lightning and rain showers, are common during the summer, and some of the peaks hold snow all year. The Cirque of the Towers, in the southern portion of the range, is a popular technical rock-climbing destination, as are any number of sheer granite peaks that make up this range.

Trailheads lead to miles of trails to access this seemingly boundless area. If solitude is what you seek, it can be found off any given path. With stunning scenery everywhere you look, and wildlife around every bend, the Winds vanquish other Wyoming mountain ranges in breadth of beauty and true alpine experiences. The higher portion is usually free of snow sometime around mid-July, depending on the weather.

August and September are more reliable to have clear trails all along the route.

Snoqualmie River Valley - Mountains To Sound Greenway Trust

The trail is obscure in places, but is marked with CDT signs, wooden signs, tree blazes or rock cairns. The Trail passes through glacier-carved valleys surrounded by high, snow-capped mountain peaks and lush alpine meadows dotted with wildflowers. The Winds are home to many species of wildlife including moose, elk, deer, black and grizzly bears, wolves, and mountain lions.

Many of the high lakes are stocked with fish including Rainbow, Cutthroat, Brook, Golden and Brown trout, as well as Grayling and Mackinaw. Fishermen are required to have a valid Wyoming fishing license and should be familiar with current fishing regulations, which may change each year. Wildlife is truly wild in Wyoming, and visitors to this area should exercise caution when in the presence of any animal.

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Protect yourself and our wildlife by keeping a clean camp and respecting their habitats and space. You'll get a closer look at everything happening in the Napa Valley. This website uses cookies.

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These geological formations are created by running rivers and shifting glaciers.

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Rivers and valleys

Flowing water finds its way downhill initially as small creeks. As small creeks flow downhill they merge to form larger streams and rivers.

Snoqualmie River Valley

Rivers eventually end up flowing into the oceans. If people have built a dam to hinder a river's flow, the lake that forms is a reservoir. The river serves many purposes, from drinking water to wildlife habitat to a recreation spot for the whole city. Credit: National Park Service. The phrase "river of life" is not just a random set of words.

Rivers have been essential not only to humans, but to all life on earth, ever since life began. Plants and animals grow and congregate around rivers simply because water is so essential to all life. It might seem that rivers happen to run through many cities in the world, but it is not that the rivers go through the city, but rather that the city was built and grew up around the river.

Are rivers one of your favorite places? Large rivers don't start off large at all, but are the result of much smaller tributaries, creeks, and streams combining, just as tiny capillaries in your body merge to form larger blood-carrying arteries and veins. The mighty river featured in this image is called the Yarlung Tsangpo as it courses through the Tibetan Autonomous Region of China. Credit : NASA.

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It is also true that most of the water flowing in rivers comes from precipitation runoff from the surrounding landscape watershed. But, the water in a river doesn't all come from surface runoff. If a river bank happens to cut into this saturated layer, as most rivers do, then water will seep out of the ground into the river. Look at the diagram above.

The ground below the water table, the aquifer the purple area , is saturated, whereas the ground above the pink area is not. Saturated, water-bearing materials often exist in horizontal layers beneath the land surface. Since rivers, in time, may cut vertically into the ground as they flow as the river cuts into the purple section in the diagram , the water-bearing layers of rock can become exposed on the river banks. Thus, some of the water in rivers is attributed to flow coming out of the banks. This is why even during droughts there is usually some water in streams. Like everything else on and in the Earth, water obeys the rules of gravity and tries to get to the center of the Earth did you imagine that every molecule in your body is trying to do this, also?

So, the water in rivers flows downhill, with the ultimate goal of flowing into the oceans, which are at sea level. River water may end up in a lake or reservoir, in a pipe aimed at Farmer Joe's corn stalks, in a local swimming pool, or in your drinking glass, but much of it eventually ends up back in the oceans, where it rejoins the water cycle, which is ALWAYS in progress.