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Pharmaceutical Process Validation : An International

A Review on Hyperlipidemia. Formulation and Evaluation of Stavudine Nanoparticles. Synthesis, Characterization and Biological Evaluation of Heterocyclic Formulation and Evaluation of Atorvastatin Floating Tablet. Isolation and Screening of Alkalophilic Actinobacteria, for Biosynthesis and Formulation and Evaluation of Transdermal Patches of Curcumin. Phenol Biodegradation by Immobilized Cell of Pseudomonas sp.

Pharmacognostic Evaluation of Whole Plant of Sida spinosa linn. Pharmacognostical Studies on Leaves of Stephania japonica var. Anticonvulsant Activity of Peperomia Tetraphylla G. Development of New Spectrophotometric Methods for the Determination of Authorized Generics: Effect on Pharmaceutical Market. Pharmacoepidemiological, Pharmacoeconomical and Pharmacovigilance Studies at an A Focus on Quinolones and its Medicinal Importance.

Evaluation of in vitro Antioxidant Activity of 1,2,3,4 -Tetrahydroquinazoline What's Hot. A modified swabbing technique for validation of detergent residues in clean-place systems. Pharmaceutical technology, , 16 1 Zeller AO. Cleaning validation and residue limits. A contribution to current discussions.

Pharmaceutical Process Validation | Global Events | USA | Europe | Middle East | Asia Pacific

Pharmaceutical technology, , 17 10 ; Pharmaceutical technology international, , 17 11 Validation of analytical procedures used in the examination of pharmaceutical materials. Grimm W, Schepky G. Lachman L et al. Quality control charts. In: The theory and practice of industrial pharmacy. Quality control methods. In: Remington's pharmaceutical science, 18th ed.

Easton, PA, Mack, Seely RJ et al. Validation of chromatography resin useful life. In: Biotechnology product validation, part 7. Pharmaceutical technology Europe, , 6 11 A guide to inspection of software development activities the software lifecycle. Guide to inspection of computerized systems in drug processing.

Pharmaceutical industry, , Computerized drug processing: source code for process control application programs. Compliance Policy Guide No. Federal register, , 52 95 Points to consider: computer assisted submissions for license applications. Software development activities, reference materials and training aids for investigators.

Fry EM. FDA regulation of computer systems in drug manufacturing. Pharmaceutical engineering, , 8 5 Geschwandtner R et al. Validation of computer-assisted production processes in pharmaceutical manufacturing. Pharmazeutische Industrie, , 51 8 Isaacs A. Validation machinery with electronic control systems. Manufacturing chemistry, , 2 Kuzel NR. Fundamentals of computer system validation and documentation in the pharmaceutical industry.

Pharmaceutical technology, , 9 9 Motise PJ. What to expect when FDA audits computer-controlled processes. Pharmaceutical manufacturing, , 7 7 Passing H, Unkelbach H-D. GMP documentation requirements for automated systems. Pharmaceutical technology, , 16 3 : Part II. Pharmaceutical technology, , 16 4 ; Pharmaceutical technology international, , 16 9 Inspections of computerized laboratory systems. Part III. Pharmaceutical technology international, , 16 10 Bundesgesetzblatt, , I International Pharmaceutical Federation Diding N et al.

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Nigeria Good manufacturing practice for Nigerian pharmaceutical manufacturers. Pharmaceutical Inspection Convention Validation. Sweden Validation and qualification processes. Validation of process and control procedures. Guide to inspections of bulk pharmaceutical chemicals. USSR former Good manufacturing practices.

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  • World Health Organization Good manufacturing practices for pharmaceutical products. Validation of non-sterile processes Feiden K. World Health Organization Sterile pharmaceutical products [Section 17 of Good manufacturing practices for pharmaceutical products]. Validation of cleaning processes Sweden Validation of cleaning methods for process equipment in pharmaceutical manufacturing.

    Miscellaneous Adner N, Sofer G. Miscellaneous Grimm W, Schepky G. Validation of computerized systems and computer-assisted processes United States Food and Drug Administration A guide to inspection of software development activities the software lifecycle. Last updated: October 29, The international pharmacopoeia and related activities. Quality specifications for drug substances and dosage forms. Test methodology. International Nonproprietary Names for pharmaceutical substances.

    Simple test methodology. Stability of dosage forms. Guidelines for the stability testing of pharmaceutical products containing established drug substances. Adoption of additional guidelines.

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    Further guidance on good manufacturing practices. Legal and administrative aspects of the functioning of national drug regulatory authorities. Multisource generic pharmaceutical products: guidelines on registration requirements to establish interchangeability. Guiding principles for formulating national drug legislation. Role of the pharmacist. Model legislative provisions to update national legal texts to deal with counterfeit drugs. Additional guidance. Training activities. Quality assurance in the supply system.

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    • Guidelines on import procedures for pharmaceutical products. Guidelines for inspection of drug distribution channels. Annex 1 - Guidelines for the graphic representation of chemical formulae. Acyclic structures. Cyclic structures. Ionic structures. Isotopically modified compounds.

      Coordination compounds. Annex 4 - General recommendations for the preparation and use of infrared spectra in pharmaceutical analysis. Method of verification of frequency scale and resolution.

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      Use of solvents. Preparation of the substance to be examined. Identification by reference substance. Identification by reference spectrum. Reflectance techniques.

      Pharmaceutical Process Validation: An International (Drugs and the Pharmaceutical Sciences)

      Annex 5 - Guidelines for stability testing of pharmaceutical products containing well established drug substances in conventional dosage forms. Stability testing. Design of stability studies. Analytical methods. Stability report.