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She also finds herself facing Jonas Wyatt and learning a little more about why they want access to the database.

What's even more surprising to Liza is the attraction she feels towards Stygian. Stygian was intrigued the first time he met Liza, but now that he's spent some time with her, he knows that he's found his mate.

"Stygian's Honor," Lora Leigh

The attraction he felt immediately has transformed into admiration and something much deeper than lust. However, his duty is to find out what happened to Honor, and the Breeds believe that Liza has the answers. While Stygian and Liza may have been minor characters in the previous stories, the plot has some continuing threads from the previous books, particularly the search for Honor and Fawn.

Lora Leigh - Kissof Heat Breeds,#3 -clip1

The two girls, along with Judd and Gideon Cross, should not have survived the experiments that had been conducted on them, but they did, and when the Genetic Council planned to kill them in order to bury the proof of the experiments, they managed to escape. I am fascinated by fantasy and paranormal. Do you know any other good books that are not too scary so I could read them at night?

  1. Butterflies of Houston and Southeast Texas (Corrie Herring Hooks Series).
  2. Stygian's Honor - A Novel of the Breeds, #27.
  3. Stygian's Honor, Lora Leigh.
  4. Big Shoes To Fill.

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Stygian's Honor

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