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I found him a tall old Man, that had twelve Wives, and was not ashamed of the Art he pretended to: he shewed me his Conjuring Habit , and other Tools which he used. When he designs to Conjure he takes a Drum made after their fashion in his Left Hand, and a flat Staff covered with the Skins of Mountain-Mice in his Right Hand; thus equipped he jumps cross legged, which motion shakes all these Iron Plates, and makes a great clangor; besides which, he at the same time beats his Drum, and with Eyes distorted upwards, a strong bearish voice makes a dismal noise.

Ides , pp. The shaman is polygamous up to what may have seemed quite an astonishing degree from a European point-of-view, as issue we return to below.

His activities are assimilated to the art of conjuring and diabolic practice the diabolical robe , involving sound described as being dismal i. Nothing very surprising here, modern scholars or ethnographers might say. More interestingly to the latter no doubt, Ides includes quite a few details concerning dress and performance. How do the details focused on here appear in other translations and what does the original text say?


All the texts mention 12 wives and his lack of shame. Ides , p. The considerable weight of his dress does not appear in the edition, a point that Ides moves to in the original and that the other translations also insist on. The former mentions wooden idols kept in the huts. On the subject of tattoos, quite notable differences appear.

The fact that an author or translator does not choose to comment or condemn outright obviously does not mean that the observer is admiring this or that habit in a given version. De Jaucourt did not make much of this, insisting mainly, as mentioned above, on their tall and robust figure, a description we can easily trace back to Ides and Brand at this stage.

He added that they are generally more active than other Siberian peoples De Jaucourt, undated, p. Johann Eberhard Fischer also considered the Tungus to be a lively, bright people bestowed by nature with sound common sense Later observers focus on Tungus nomadism understood as one of the principal reasons for their cheerfulness. They are not tied down to any spot, but wander as circumstances induce, always taking with them their families and their small possessions, and never feeling the grief of parting from a home.

They scarcely seem to have any anxiety for the future, but cheerfully enjoy the present Wrangel [] , p. Interestingly enough, this passage does not appear in the English translation, nor does it in the French Sabine from the German of M. But the trope of Tungus elegance was there to last. To those German-speaking travellers and ethnographers, the Tungus were the French of the tundra, like it or not. Beffa, M. Belissa, M. Schnakenbourg ed. Bernard, J. Borm, J. Brand, A.

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Into China [ Bury, E. Petersburg, Buchdruckerei der Kaiserlichen Akademie der Wissenschaften. De Jaucourt, L. Tatares ou Tartars, in D.

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Grimm, J. Fischer, J. Petersburg, gedruckt bei der Kaiserl. Akademie der Wissenschaften. Gannier, O.


Chevrel, A. Hiekisch, C. Eine Ethnologische Monographie St. Hundt, M.

Hundt ed. Kasten, E. Kasten ed. Martin, A. Pickford Introduction, in A. Pickford eds , Travel Narratives in Translation, Purchas, S. Sabine, E. Edited by Lieut. Schweitzer, P.