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The thick apostles then ruin it. All they could leave us is the music -- lyrics and melody together than synergistically capture a certain energy -- but it's only a small taste of what they offered and what they meant. Lange's presentation demeans that experience -- he took his preconceived self-help template and squeezed Beatles lyrics and quotations into it. This book amounts to just yellow matter custard. A New Year's Gift to oneself and all Lange has the uncanny aility to share The Beatles as role models - so that all of us can discover the joy, hope, and sheer excitement hidden within our own lives - just waiting to be revealed.

The book has inspired me to take a good long look at my own life goals and spiritual beliefs - and lift them to a loftier place - just as The Beatles did during their decade of unprecedented success and influence. I've read many, many, many self-help books - however, this one is a classic of the genre.

I guarantee this superb little book will work like magic for you in your life. This volume is life changing From Amazon I picked up this book quite by accident as I was shopping in a natural food store in London. I never tried many self-help-style books before - so my opinion was neither positive or negative.

But I took a chance. I read this book in an afternoon recently and have re-read bits of it each day since. I carry it with me to read when I have a moment during the day. The principles are universal and can be applied to every area of life. My life was different the very first day I tried applying these principles.

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They are simple; not easy, but simple. If you wish to gain peace in your life and be more comfortable with yourself, others, and the universe, read this book and learn to apply its suggestions in your everyday living.

Fab Wisdom for Everyday Life

This book is on my all-time great list -- I'm going to make sure I'm never without a copy. May it be a blessing to others the way it is to me. From Amazon Once in a while, a personal-growth book comes along like a breath of fresh air with a unique concept. What better way to think about how we live our lives than using the Beatles as roles models? The Beatles Way shows how to bring the attitude and ingenuity of the Fab Four into our own lives and achieve Beatle-like success at our work, in our homes, and with our dreams.

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Author Larry Lange reads between the lines of Beatles lore and finds the secrets to their success, secrets that any of us can employ to rock our own lives: taking risks, creating a team to support you in your dream, and letting yourself evolve as your spirit moves you. The Beatles' music and message remain timeless.

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In this wise and entertaining book, a fresh new light is cast on the genius of the Fab Four. The Beatles are like a time-release capsule: They never stop giving you that love-that's all you really need. Some people say it really was [about] the music, but that was only part of it They represented hope, optimism, wit, and lack of pretension, that "anyone can do it" provided they had [the] will.

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