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The solution: Since your face comes to a sharp point at the chin, your eyebrows should look soft, with a low, straightish arch that hugs the brow bone.

Eyebrow styling | Benefit Cosmetics

And go easy with the brow pencil. With sleight of hand and a few key products , you can plump up sparse brows in a matter of minutes. Fill in obvious bald spots. Grab a pencil two shades lighter than your hair if you're a brunette or a taupe pencil if you're a blonde or a redhead and make short, angled strokes in the direction of your brow's hair growth. Stay within your natural line—you aren't fooling anyone by drawing on bigger brows. Bulk them up. If your brows are sparse or you have fine hair, skip ahead to step three. Otherwise, lightly sweep a tinted brow gel tissue off the applicator tip first in the opposite direction of the hair's growth, from the tail to the inner corner.

Then, using just what's left on the brush, sweep the wand through your brows in the direction of hair growth. Go straight to step four. With a small angled brush, apply a brow powder it should be somewhere between the color of your skin and the color of your brows, or taupe if you are blonde , going over the pencil.

This does three things: helps set the pencil, blends the pigment, and adds natural-looking dimension to your brows pencils have a slight sheen while powders have a matte finish. Sweep a clean spooley brush upward through the hair to remove the excess pigment and soften the edges and lines. It's a simple—but essential—step that makes a big difference, according to makeup artist Pat McGrath.

To make brows look longer, Madron suggests using a pencil or powder slightly lighter than your hair color on the inside corners and one the same color as your hair through the arch and tail. Most brow powders come in duos—one light shade, one dark—for this reason. Take a contrasting cream shadow like a soft gold and trace it over the brow with a soft shadow brush.

Eyebrow Shaping Guide: Getting the Best Brow For Your Face

Always comb through with a clean spooley brush. Instead, cover grays with tinted brow gel or get them professionally dyed. Nine times out of ten, all you need to do is trim. Comb your brows straight up with a spooley brush, then lightly snip only the longest hairs with eyebrow scissors.

EASY HOWTO: GET THE BEST EYEBROWS! Sticker Stencil Eyebrows! - Alexisjayda

Now put down the scissors to keep your eyebrows from looking like they got a buzz cut. If you highlight right above the arch in addition to below , it gives the illusion of raised brows think Karlie Kloss. Use a highlighter or cream eye shadow that's one shade lighter than your foundation to "draw an arch directly above your arch," says Madron.

Blend with your finger until the product fades but doesn't disappear. Benefit Gimme Brow. The undetectable fibers in this tinted brow gel grasp hair to make brows appear thicker. Plus, the teeny wand lets you swipe on the ideal amount of color. Surratt Beauty Expressioniste Brow Pencil. And even more staggering was my recollection that senior year of college was probably my brows' peak stage of thickness since, say, freshmen year of high school.

My full-browed self was floored. I know that I've been on my best brow behavior. I just didn't realize how significant an effect it's had or how much of a difference it's made on my overall appearance. Of course, everyone naturally has a different shape and thickness.

10 Secrets of Women With Amazing Brows

This is not to say thin eyebrows are in any way bad, but the realization made me extremely thankful for my current set of arches and the numerous brow experts who have nurtured and shaped their way back to compliment-worthy rather than cringe-worthy status. Finding and cultivating your best shape is kind of an art, and unfortunately, it can be a rocky and intimidating road.

Just look above at my brows before—and honestly, that's when they had grown out some—and my brows now, as shown below. Granted, I realize I'm fully made up in the more current picture, but you get the idea. This isn't a blessing I take lightly, so I thought I'd spread the wealth by tapping two of the industry's most sought-after brow artists who cater to some of the most arch-blessed beings on the planet—models, actresses, singers, and anyone else you might spy on the red carpet or sipping coffee in West Hollywood.

Sit tight. Your best brows ever await. Okay, so this might not come as a huge surprise, but working with the natural shape your parents blessed you with is pretty much the most important step to achieving your best, most uniquely flattering brow shape.

Forget about them. Yes, you heard me: months. And then see a brow professional for advice. When I'm helping a client find their best shape, I take everything into consideration, from the more obvious like face and eye shape but also the less obvious like their fashion sense. That aside, both Streicher and Christine prefer the naturalness tweezing lends over waxing regardless. I only tweeze the few hairs needed to shape and create a more symmetrical look. Tweezing the hair effectively every six to eight weeks is the most efficient way to fill in your brows. As mentioned, figuring out how to find your best shape on your own can feel daunting if not impossible altogether.

But of course, there a few things to keep in mind when searching for your brows' soulmate groomer. If you've scouted someone you think you'd like to work with, Streicher recommends stalking their Instagram or asking to see their work so you can get a thorough idea of their results and aesthetic. Or if you see someone with brows you admire, compliment them and ask where they get them done!

Some are known for the very crafted, super-defined, and very filled-in brows. Then there are also artists who are individual and really work with your face and your goals," explains Christine. Your job?

The Complete Eyebrow Guide

Think about what you truly want from your brows and what kind of aesthetic you're after. So here's the thing: Everyone is going to have different preferences in terms of tools, and what's more, your brows might require different types of products at different stages. Both, she says, will leave a very soft yet naturally defined finish. I use her pencil every single day to add depth in addition to filling in any sparse areas, and I've never gotten as many compliments on my brows. After seeing your brow artist and setting up an appointment plan based on how quickly you experience regrowth, you really shouldn't have to do much maintenance at home other than applying growth serums or using products to fill them in.

As Streicher says, the goal is to grow out your natural brow shape as much as possible. Then, at home, only tweeze super-obvious strays, which will keep your brows looking arched, lifted, and symmetrical.