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They understand that having a strong web presence is great, but 80 percent of their sales are still happening out in the field — where they have very little digital presence. And then they start asking how they can improve that, understanding that investing in a connected experience as they invest in digital marketing can pay huge dividends in increased revenue, greater customer loyalty, and a higher customer lifetime value.

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In the T-Mobile world, where they are kind of hip and cool and like to build that kind of relationship with their customers, they can get away with that. In one great example of this, a bank I worked with realized customers arriving at their branches were experiencing a high degree of anxiety around scheduling appointments with different specialists.

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Creating a frictionless, connected brand experience is by no means a walk in the park. If your organization is not customer-centric, your initiative is not likely to succeed.

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Most of the time, connected experience solutions like these are being implemented to solve for a massive blind spot that a brick-and-mortar store creates in a shopping experience. You need to start by identifying the critical handoff points between channels. This is where I like to actually shop the customer experience with the organization.

Another great first step organizationally is to establish a center of excellence. To help these groups work together, a center of excellence that establishes responsibilities across stakeholder departments is really critical. This prevents one team from making a change to one part of the experience without consulting the other stakeholders. It reduces a lot of friction in the deployment process.

It also keeps training and onboarding processes consistent, so in-store associates know what to do with data from digital marketing and vice versa.

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Success on this issue is all about trying a new idea, analyzing the data, acting on the result — and then doing it again and again. For more detailed information on focusing your digital marketing efforts to provide customers with a connected experience , read this how-to article by Dave Bilbrough. Walking the Walk of Creating Connected Experiences. Adobe Products Featured.

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It signals diabetes, heart disease, and even early death. But we have an old-fashioned cure to this modern-day disease: exercise. One study published in the Nigerian Medical Journal found that the likelihood of developing metabolic syndrome decreased by 29 percent simply by walking over an hour a day.

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Here are 16 more ways to channel the benefits of walking into weight-loss. Want to live longer? But speed things up to get the longevity benefit. Find out how often you should get up and walk if you want to live longer. Fitness can be pricey!

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Walking requires absolutely nothing—even shoes are optional! And not only does it save you money on things, it also saves you money in healthcare.

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Getting a solid eight hours snoozing in the sack is one of the most important things you can do for your health. According to the Sleep Foundation, researchers have found that people who exercised regularly, including walking, fell asleep more quickly, slept longer, and had better quality sleep than those who did vigorous exercise or lifted weights. Most of us swim in a pool of stress every day and that takes a serious toll on our mental and physical health.

But science says walking is one of the fastest, most effective ways to calm down. According to the Anxiety and Depression Association of America, a simple minute walk may be as effective as a minute workout in terms of reducing anxiety and depression. Here are tricks for getting the most happiness out of your walk.