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The northerners are naturally hard and durable people thanks to their brutal winter, haunted forests and poor harvests. Harsh conditions of life harden them physically and mentally. Plus they are always in one form of fight or the other with the wildlings, ironborn, mountain clans and hunting The vale- the vale is a mountainous region and the average man there seems to be of larger size. They too have to live under rough conditions but not as much as the north. The Vale has the best cavalry, the Stormlands have the best footsoldiers and the North has the best army suited for the Winter.

If hard places breed hard men, Dorne, North, Iron Islands and Stormlands are pretty much equal in this.

Numbers and equipment are the Reach and West major assets. But the amount of above the average fighters that the Stormlands puts out is really surprising. Of course, individual fighting capability and average soldier quality aren't the same thing. Soldiering is much about discipline, teamwork and dependability.

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  4. Also we haven't seen much of Dorne or Vale to make an assessment. Maybe West, they seemed very disciplined and trained under Tywin and gold likely increases the amount of professionals present. After thousands upon thousands of years, westeros was down to 7 kingdoms stalemated before ageons arrival. They each have their strengths and weaknesses.

    Just as the northerners wouldn't do too well in Dorne, and vise versa, the iron born make for best sailors, ect. I explained before, North - wildlings and Vale - hill tribes, these threats makes the difference. Depends on the terrain and type of battle. The Dornish seem quite militant. I don't get where people are saying the Vale has the best cavalry, that seems more like a Reach and Westlands thing.

    Heavy infantry: All roughly equal, possibly excepting IB and Dorne who are lower or at least lighter. If I had to field an army made of just one region, on a man to man basis, I think I'd have to choose between the Vale, the Reach and Dorne. Well we often hear about "The knights of the Vale" no other warriors have been distinguished in such a manner for a region e. Well, something earned 20 years ago no doubt. I would give more credence to it if they had done a single fing thing in the recent war. The Dornish I'd say manke great gurilla fighters and ambushers, but in a pitched battle versus say the Reach or Strormlands, I have my doubts.

    Knights of the Vale appear to be notoriously good, and the Mountain Clans mean they aren't unblooded Knights of Summer. For no reason, I'd say the Stormlands and Westerlands both have good archers, because they remind me of Wales and England, so the Longbow. The Riverlands seem pretty weak constantly, although poor leadership could be a important factor. Whoever has the best commanders. Bolton doesn't seem to be able to hold the North very efficiently together, and he essentially commands his soldiers through fear more than loyalty. I might say Dorne, but I get the impression Doran Martell is more of a political strategist than a military one unlike Oberyn.

    One regret about the IB is we see so little shield wall, which was the Vikings go-to when forced into a pitched battle. For example. The Starks raise maybe themselves, the Boltons come with and so do the manderlys, the Umbers maybe etc. The quality of all this troops probably changes a lot from house to house as well as their doctrines, tactics,equpment etc.

    After defeating the Tarbecks and Reynes the most powerful houses after the Lannisters it seems like the Lannisters just took their lands for themselves I have not heard anything of any other houses being given their lands. The Lannisters can standardize their tactics, equipment and training to have a reliable fighting force. Also having a large force themselves also enables officers to become professionals and make a career with in the Lannister armed forces.

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    I think this is more in referral to the loyalty of their Lord Bannerman and their troops, who have a seemingly unwavering faith in Tywin, and later Kevan, Daven and Jaime. If we say the Westerlands can field around 50, men if they really scrape, I doubt the Lannisters could raise more than 20, max.

    I agree they could be the most disciplined, although this is not really because of Lannister standardized tactics, but leadership and training. With the exception of Ser Stafford and his motley crew, who were not well led, well trained or well disciplined.

    The Iron Islands has the best fighters, as they have the most military based culture, and the Iron Fleet is the only proffessional armed force in Westeros. Aside from that, probably the Northmen although perhaps only when there fighting in Winter or in the North itself. General ASoIaF. Renewanation facilitated discussions between the two pastors, each from different denominational backgrounds, to establish alignment on primary doctrinal issues and structure a conceptual path for partnering. Their focus must be on the overall health spiritual, academic, financial, etc.

    Space considerations, existing enrollment numbers, and neighboring educational options helped to solidify which school would become the feeder entity. With a general framework outlined, both school boards and both church leadership teams voted to begin detailed discussions. Renewanation facilitated the team through a two-month process to map out key considerations including schedules, curriculum, extracurricular activities, transportation, and tuition rates.

    Finally, the team designed a tuition-sharing program for students transitioning from the feeder school, providing financial benefit to both schools.

    Which kingdom ruled in West Africa up until the 19th century? Kingdom of Mali****

    With trust already secured over the past school year and a common goal clearly articulated from leadership, these detailed discussions were both positive and productive. As is often the case, the most difficult aspect of this transition was communication: to board members, teachers, students, parents, and church members. Multiple forums were synchronized around a timeline to ensure key stakeholders were presented the path forward and allowed to address their questions and concerns in a timely fashion prior to the end of that school year.

    Each communication was designed specifically for the target audience. While developing the perfect recipe for partnership is not possible, given the varying circumstances surrounding each situation, there are certainly a few key success factors to incorporate into a Christian school collaboration effort:.

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    Thirteen of the fifteen eligible students made the transition from the feeder school to the partner high school, with the other two students also remaining in Christian education one homeschooled, one in another neighboring Christian school. Additionally, each school reported improved financial health as a result of the collaborative path.

    These pastors and administrators gained a refreshing realization that partnering could establish a better foundation for God to provide growth and yield amazing results. Partnering cultivates impactful Kingdom rewards. Stay open to how God may use your Christian school to reach more children in your community with a biblical worldview education. For further discussion on how Renewanation can best support your Christian school, contact us today at info renewanation.

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    They have twin boys, Caleb and Jacob, and a daughter, Gracie. Which Kingdom Are You Building? Recent Posts See All. A Well-Functioning Board is Paramount.